Business and Career Success with Human Design

6 Week Live Training

Course Summary


  • The Difference and Overlap of your Mission, Passion, Vocation, and Profession
  • Patterns of energy that reliably define you, on the genetic level
  • Your Strategy for confident decision-making, and how to make it in the perfect timing for you, stress-free.
  • Understand your ideal work environment and how you will get influenced by your workspace.
  • If you are naturally a Builder, an Innovator, a Catalyzer, an Advisor, or an Evaluator.
  • How your Energy Type influences your career path, marketing strategies, and interactions with colleagues and clients
  • How to build your ideal business model, a model of graceful success which doesn’t burn you out.

Course Curriculum

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  • Business and Career Success with Human Design
  • $497 USD

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