The Art of Partnership
 Evolving Intimacy with Tantric Astrology

The word “surrender” is often interpreted as giving up, as admitting weakness, as defeat...[But] Surrendering means letting go of your resistance to the total openness of who you are. It means giving up the tension of the little vortex you believe yourself to be and realizing the deep power of the ocean you truly are.

— David Deida

In many non-dual spiritual traditions and teachings of the world, such as Shaiva Tantra Yoga and A Course in Miracles, a central idea pervades the philosophy: The ONE wanted to know itself in every possible version, every mask of Being and every costume of Becoming. So in an act of Lila, or divine play, God-Source thought: What would it be like to imagine myself split into countless separate particles?

The word "relate" means to 'bring back' and like the word "re-member," when we relate, we piece the puzzle pieces of the One self back together.

Yet the world persists in promoting an illusion of separation and division. The devices for this are seemingly endless and constantly promoted by the media—politics, athletic competitions, illness, vaccinations, wealth and social status.

But we are here not to divide and conquer and destroy, but rather to mirror our Source, to embody the power of our Creator through sharing our creativity with others.

We are here to sail the adventure aboard the Creation-ship.

 A Creation-Ship is a mutual, conscious journey of two or more souls who intend to discover:

Why did we meet at this time—whether as Lover, Soul-Companion, Colleague, Collaborator, Counselor? What sacred Soul-Contracts did we sign up for?

We do not want the old paradigms of guilt and expectation to govern us, or disappointment to disillusion us. We know we need to open our hearts to new paradigms of partnering, which means we must decondition from the Family Mind, from the Cultural Story, and from the Societal Pressure.  

Integrity in our relations, authenticity in cultivating the Art of Partnership requires us to honor the Delphic Oracle's wisdom—Know Thyself.  

For thousands of years, in cultures as esteemed and widespread as the Maya, China, India, Greece and Rome, Astrology has been used to guide the collective and the conscious co-creators.

For thousands of years, in cultures as esteemed and widespread as the Maya, China, India, Greece and Rome, Astrology has been used to guide the collective and the conscious co-creators.

Synastry and Composite Charts—our gifts in astrological relationship counseling—answer our most common and important questions with our beloveds.

                         •  Should we have a family together, live together, create a business, travel?
                         •  How do I feel most safe and how do you feel most secure?
                         •  What turns me on and could that light you up as well?
                         •  What’s my communication style and does it blend harmoniously with yours?
                         •  Does Monogamy fit me, or do I need more open or hybrid models of relating, and is it time in my life for                                                                                        Primary partnership?
                         •  Can we endure the tough times or is this about seizing the electric epiphanies in the spontaneous now?

With Astrology, we can also consciously acknowledge WHEN a certain phase of relationship has ended, to allow space for new Creation-ships to form. The Art of Partnership also asks us to consider: Rather than with blame or disappointment, how do we cultivate honoring ways to end a partnership with dignity and with gratitude?

Who is the CreationShips Training for?

 •  Anyone desiring a deep and thorough examination of the fundamentals of Relationship Astrology—a tool which will guide you into Conscious Creation-ship for the rest of your life.
•  Couples who wish to upgrade their relationship, ease tensions, and discover new modes of communication through Tantric Rituals and playful shadow-work honoring their unique expressions of the God and Goddess, including dance,
meditation, breathwork, and sacred touch.              
• Singles who want to understand their relationship patterns and attractions and evolve them to their highest expression, fully embodying both their Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine                                                
•  Those who want to understand their Relationship Intentions not only astrologically, but through integrating the wisdom and reflection of other systems of Conscious Partnering, including Shaiva Tantra, A Course in Miracles,
Non-Violent Communication, and Stoic Philosophy.                                          
 • WHEN? Singles who wish to know when opportune moments may arise for finding or attacting in love. Couples who wish
to know peak moments for shared ecstasy as well as challenges on the horizon.                          
• Parents who wish to create a more smooth and blissful relationship between each other to role model harmonious
• Parents who wish to understand and support their children’s current and future relationship patterns and

~ What is Tantric Astrology?


Every archetype of the zodiac is a fingerprint of the divine—a patterned code of self-revelation and Self-Realization.

 In India, planets are called Grahas, or 'graspings,'. Depending on our consciousness and intention, these forces can grab us and throw us into tailspins, or they can deliver us to the door of liberation, and guide us towards fulfilling our Dharma - our spiritual calling.

Tantric teachings and practices remind us of our essential Oneness. It is the Awareness (the god Shiva) we bring to communication, touch, lovemaking, the raw emotions (the goddess Shakti) that allows any moment and every sensation to be a portal into our divine essence.

What frequency do we play out our patterns? Can we understand our relationship patterns as pathways of returning to Source, reuniting with our innate wholeness, transcending otherness? This is the essence of Tantric Astrology.

As well, each zodiac archetype plays out its sensuality and erotic energy in different, but equally sublime expressions. How do these archetypes dance with each other in the Magical Art of partnership? Which signs are naturally drawn to open relating, to polyamory, to experimentation? What is you, your partner's, or your date's unique recipe of archetypal eros?


Not only does Astrology reveal the patterns of attraction, desire, karma, and destiny in relationship, it also unveils the auspicious timing, both for entering and leaving partnerships.

The celestial wisdom also reveals our peak moments each month and year to sip the wine of romance, ritualize our union, and to share the medicine of commitment.


•  Do I have to be an Astrologer to attend this training?
                                   No - this class will teach you all the fundamentals of Relationship and Astrology and Archetypal  Astrology. It is designed for Beginning and Intermediate students of Astrology  You will be taught how to pull up your chart and the charts of any current or former lovers.

 Is this class only for Heterosexuals?
                                       Absolutely not. This training will teach you how to weave the full panorama of Masculine and Feminine within yourself and to play with this in partnership, whatever orientation you identify with. You will learn how certain zodiac archetypes are more naturally fluid in both their gender and sexual preference

Are classes record if I can’t be live?
Yes. You do not need to be live every class. All replays will be sent out within 24 hours after class.


The ART of Partnership

Evolving Intimacy with
Tantric Astrology


We will journey together over 3 months of training and more than 16 hours of classes.

Besides our Keynote slideshows and experiential Tantric practices, you will also learn through Mindmaps—evolutionary diagrams which demonstrate concepts the way our brain works—through associations.

You will also be invited to a FB Group to share your archetypal awakening around your sensuality and love.


CLASS 1 - Sailing the Creation-Ship

 Honoring Soul-Contracts and Creation-Ships
• A New Paradigm-Aquarian Age Relating
• From Fear to Love - A Course in Miracles and the Special and Holy Relationships
• Traditional Wisdom for Evolving Intimacy Now
                  * Stoic philosophy
                  * The Heart of Non-Duality: Shaiva Tantra
• Self-sufficiency vs. Co-dependency
• Ancient Rituals for Commitment and Conscious Separation - Handfasting and Handparting


CLASS 2 - Starchetypal Partners - The Divine Masculine and Feminine in You

 Going Beyond Sun Signs
• The Inner and Outer Planets
• Emotional nurturance with the MoonEmotional          nurturance with the Moon
• Communication styles with Mercury
The Lover’s Masks: Archetypes of the God and Goddess living in you
• Honoring your Sacred Masculine and Feminine with Mars and Venus
• Mars and Venus by sign, house, and aspect


CLASS 3 - The Inner Marriage: Finding Wholeness and Discovering the Beloved Within

 What's right for me? Monogamy, Polyamory, Experimentation, Open Relating
• Practical tools to transcend your projections.
• Sexual Styles and Turn-Ons for each sign of the zodiac
• Famous examples of each Mars and Venus from Film, Music, and Culture


CLASS 4 - Archetypal Tantra

 Shamanic Rituals of Lovemaking for your versions of the God and Goddess, including Sacred Touch, Dance, Breathwork, and Meditations
• Accessing Divine Presence through Each Element and Zodiac Sign


CLASS 5 - The Balancing Act

 The 6 Axes of Authentic Relating
• 7th House -Signs of partnership, balance, complementarity
• Planets in the 7th house and Rulers of the 7th House - Consistent attractive patterns


CLASS 6 - Karma-Mates, Soul-Mates, Soul-Contracts

 The 8th House - Sexuality, intimacy, resource-blending
The Nodes of the Moon - Karmic and Destiny encounters
• Asteroids of commitment and sensuality Juno and Eros
• Evolutionary Astrology's Relationship Types


CLASS 7 - Divine Timing and the Two Flames as One Fire

 Synastry - The Art of Chart Comparison and Connection
Composite Charts - The Couple as One
Divine Timing - Which month of the year and days of the month will you be most relationally focused and be able to attract in your beloved?
• Organic Cycles of Love with Mars and Venus

“If I accept the fact that my relationships are here to make me conscious, instead of happy, then my relationships become a wonderful self mastery tool that keeps realigning me with my higher purpose for living.”

 — Eckhart Tolle


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The Art of Partnership

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"I’ve learned so much from you!  You’ve opened up a part of me that had been hidden and reminded me to see bigger, go bigger, share my voice and wisdom.  The time is Now!  I have signed up 2 packages so far.  A 3 month package and just sold my first 6 month $5000 package.  I never could have done this without your encouragement and showing me how to bring in higher dollar programs.  
 ~ Diane Fleck
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"Thank you for sharing your teachings with us!! Over the past year, I have learned so much about myself, my family, and my clients through Human Design. It has helped me have a better understanding about where they are coming from or how they process information; which has give me an excellent tool for greater communication, connection, and compassion with myself and others."
 ~ Nicole House

“Your extraordinary, in-depth knowledge of a broad range of esoteric languages & systems, was very helpful for me to receive profound insights & clarity in my life & work. I especially loved the breathwork, past-life regression, and astrological guidance — It all opened up new channels & possibilities I wasn’t aware of prior.”
  ~ Kate Ballo

“VerDarluz was recommended to me as an expert in astrology and Human Design. This he most definitely is but his knowledge and interests are so much broader and deeper than that.   VerDarluz is a natural coach who invests considerable time, energy and thought into each session. As a result, our one-to-one sessions always provide expansion of my own understanding, answers where I require them and gentle challenges to my perceptions, all of which is supporting my practical and spiritual growth. Thank you VerDarluz!
~ Annika

Course Curriculum

VerDarLuz CelestiOwl

VerDarLuz is a Life and Business Coach, Astrologer, Intimacy Educator, international speaker, and multimedia artist. He has written two books on astrology and consciousness, Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns. He continues to create online courses, while often traveling to facilitate classes and workshops which weave together his passions and crafts, including Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, AstroLocality, dance, shamanic healing, and sacred relating. He coaches clients in 3-6 month transformational programs and trainings with the intention to empower and inspire clients’ creative life mission.

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