Mystical Revelations - Returning The Stars To Astrology

The Mythical Medicine of Fixed Stars

Course Summary

—Learn about the 4 Royal Stars and how they relate to rulers of ancient times
—The gift from your soul and treasure from your ancestors Sirius, Isis, and the Lion’s Gate Portal.
—The energetic dynamics of different stars and how they influence your birth chart
––Our soul guides, ancestral gifts, and treasures to a fulfilled life - The significance of the Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars
—Famous examples of Heliacal Rising & Setting Stars
—The meaning of Stars on your Four Angles at the Moment of your Birth

Course Curriculum

VerDarLuz CelestiOwl

VerDarLuz is a Life and Business Coach, Astrologer, Intimacy Educator, international speaker, and multimedia artist. He has written two books on astrology and consciousness, Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns. He continues to create online courses, while often traveling to facilitate classes and workshops which weave together his passions and crafts, including Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, AstroLocality, dance, shamanic healing, and sacred relating. He coaches clients in 3-6 month transformational programs and trainings with the intention to empower and inspire clients’ creative life mission.

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Mystical Revelations - Returning The Stars To Ast

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