Zodiac Qi Gong and Experiential Astrology: Healing Movement

Embody each Element and Align with each Sign of the Zodiac to Rejuvenate Body, Mind, and Soul

Course Summary

Welcome to Zodiac Qi Gong. My name is VerDarLuz and I have been a professional Astrologer since 2006. I have also practiced the sacred healing movements of Qi Gong since my studies with various teachers in Thailand in 2002. 

For thousands of years in China and in the last few decades in the West, the sacred practice of Qi Gong has been used as a way to circulate the life force in order to remove energetic blockages and reduce stress. The result is to cleanse, detox, and strengthen the inner organs while increasing vitality, peace, stamina, and immunity.

After my first few weeks of daily practice, I began to experience the feeling of Qi in my my hands. Qi translates as the Way of the Vital Life Energy, what those of us who love Star Wars would call The Force.  Once I tangibly felt this energy, the energy of which I and everything else was made, I knew that I wanted to commit myself to sutdying and practicing Qi Gong for the rest of my life.

I felt the same way about Astrology as soon as I began to deeply study the subject and both its universal and ancient heritage, and its practical application. When I first practiced Astrology, I found that the archetypes naturally moved through our bodies, and in fact this was one of the easiest ways to truly feel and experience the Zodiac—as a pulsation of living energies withing our physical body.

The essence of Zodiac Qi Gong is to guide you into enjoying a more energized, abundant, and inspired day while connecting you to the primal, cosmic patterns of energy—the Zodiac Archetypes—which vibrate in a unique signature that only you carry.

The course includes a history of Qi Gong and list of its many benefits, followed by the necessary preliminary lessons in how to stand and breathe to feel most vital and connected to Qi. These initial instructions are followed by the practice—a separate sequence for each Element and for each sign of the Zodiac.

Some of these movements will be determined by the body part that a particular Zodiac Sign rules, and other movements will be based more on the correspondence of the movement to the meaning of the Sign, such as a standing “rock” pose for the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus.

You will learn how to implement this practice to balance a current issue or astrological cycle, or a recurring theme from your birth chart. Thus, these movements can be applied for Remedial or Therapeutic purposes— for instance when needing more energy, encouragement, and daring, you will be recommended to the Aries movement.

For those whom sitting meditation is difficult, Qi Gong offers the concentration of a moving meditation coupled with conscious breathwork to acheive similar results.

You can do this practice before or after other self-healing and spiritual practicess inlcuding yoga, pranayama, meditation, and massage.

The individual movements and sequences can be done in the Morning in order to meet the demands of each day with more calm and effortless flow, rather than force.  In Mid-day, you can take a break from work or a project to relieve stress and worry and regain focus and clarity. In the Evening this practice will nurture your soul, allowing you to feel light, tranquil, and relaxed preparing you for a night of nourishing sleep.

I look forward to supporting you in cultivating expanded consciousness and increased health through Zodiac Qi Gong

What you will Learn in this Course:

-How to use movement as meditation
-How to reduce stress and anxiety, on demand
-Learn a daily practice which can bring more calm, balance, and flow to life
-Experience an embodied expression of the Zodiac Archetypes
-Invocations, affirmations, and keywords for each Zodiac Sign
-A completely new way to directly experience the Astrological Signs
-Learn conscious breathwork for peace and greater vitality
-4 Sacred Movement sequences for each Element
-Cultivate deeper self-awareness and connection to nature


Course Curriculum

Course Pricing

VerDarLuz CelestiOwl

VerDarLuz is a Life and Business Coach, Astrologer, Intimacy Educator, international speaker, and multimedia artist. He has written two books on astrology and consciousness, Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns. He continues to create online courses, while often traveling to facilitate classes and workshops which weave together his passions and crafts, including Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, AstroLocality, dance, shamanic healing, and sacred relating. He coaches clients in 3-6 month transformational programs and trainings with the intention to empower and inspire clients’ creative life mission.